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Bruce Power continues to be diligent in the battle against COVID-19 to keep workers, communities safe

News article published 2020-09-23

Almost eight months since the COVID-19 health crisis changed the everyday lives of Canadians and people around the world, Bruce Power hasn’t wavered from its commitment to protecting and keeping its workers and communities safe. The company has put a … Read more

Bruce Power receives award from Canadian Manufacturing’s Responding to COVID-19: Industry Leadership Honours

News article published 2020-09-17

Bruce Power’s leadership role in helping Ontario during the fight against the COVID-19 health crisis is being recognized by Canadian Manufacturing magazine as the Services award winner of the Responding to COVID-19: Industry Leadership Honours. Mike Rencheck, President and CEO … Read more

Bruce Power recertified at highest level by Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

News article published 2020-09-16

Bruce Power has been awarded a Gold level certification for the third time by Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) for excellence in Indigenous relations. This is the highest level of recognition offered by the CCAB. Bruce Power was awarded … Read more

Bruce Power recognized with two Stevie? Awards from 2020 International Business Awards?

News article published 2020-09-11

Bruce Power is being honoured with two Stevie? Awards from the 17th annual International Business Awards?. The company’s acclaimed creative strategy team is receiving a Silver award in the Best Annual Report category for its 2020 Powering The Future report.  … Read more

Mike Rencheck, James Scongack to receive 2020 CEO World Awards for outstanding initiatives and achievements

News article published 2020-09-10

Mike Rencheck, President and Chief Executive Officer, and James Scongack, Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs and Operational Services, are being honoured as Gold winners of the prestigious 2020 CEO World Awards. The SVUS Awards?, organizers of the world’s premier business and … Read more

Bruce Power, BWXT combine on MCR, medical isotopes projects to stimulate made-in-Ontario economic recovery

News article published 2020-09-09

Bruce Power and BWXT Canada Ltd. (BWXT) announced today they are collaborating on several projects to advance the made-in-Ontario economic recovery program, including an estimated $55-million contract for BWXT to perform fuel channel maintenance on Bruce Power’s Unit 3 nuclear … Read more

Media Advisory: Bruce Power, BWXT to make announcement in support of Made-In-Ontario economic recovery

News article published 2020-09-08

– Mike Rencheck, the President and CEO of Bruce Power, and John MacQuarrie, the President of BWXT Canada Ltd., will be joined by elected officials for an announcement tomorrow (Wednesday) to support Ontario’s economic recovery efforts from the COVID-19 health … Read more

Bruce Power and BWXT economic recovery announcement

Retooling and Economic Recovery Council and Pensioners’ Association distribute 35,000 facemasks to employees, contractors and retirees

News article published 2020-08-25

Bruce Power’s Retooling and Economic Recovery Council (RERC) and the company’s Pensioners’ Association have teamed up to provide 35,000 reusable cloth masks to employees, retirees and contractors. Each person received two reusable cloth masks for their family to wear at … Read more

Bruce Power facemask program

Cameco and Bruce Power support launch of Centre for Next Generation Nuclear Technologies and announce contracts that support innovation and isotope production

News article published 2020-08-20

Cameco and Bruce Power announced today a series of initiatives – highlighted by the creation of a centre for next generation nuclear technologies  – to leverage their existing partnership to help restart the Canadian economy, protect the environment and fight … Read more

Bruce Power Aerial View

Isogen and Bruce Power celebrate key milestones in their collaboration on the production of medical isotopes

News article published 2020-08-19

Bruce Power and Isogen, an Ontario-based joint venture between Kinectrics and Framatome Canada, are celebrating together the achievement of critical milestones on the path to producing new life-saving medical isotopes in support of the global fight against cancer. Bill Walker, … Read more

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