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A Cleaner Tomorrow

Bruce Power does more than power one in three homes, schools, hospitals and businesses in Ontario.

We create cleaner air.

More than 95 per cent of Ontario’s electricity is generated by non-emitting sources such as nuclear, hydroelectric and, to a lesser extent, renewables such as wind and solar. The province has become the example other jurisdictions in North America look to for guidance on clean energy policy, and by reliably producing more than 30 per cent of the province’s power while producing zero carbon emissions, Bruce Power is proud of the role it plays in keeping Ontario’s air clean.

70 percent of the power the province needed to shut down coal stations was provided by Bruce Power reactors.

Bruce Power’s refurbishment of four reactor units between 2003 and 2012 brought 3,000 megawatts (MW) of reliable, inexpensive and carbon-free electricity back to the grid and provided 70 per cent of the electricity needed to phase out coal in Ontario, which allowed the province to shut down all coal plants.

Since then, not one piece of coal has been burnt for electricity in Ontario, and the quality of our air has improved immensely – decreasing smog days from 53 in 2005 to just one in 2019.

from 2018 Clean Air Report

This turnaround in air quality can be attributed to the clean, emissions-free nuclear power that dominates Ontario’s energy supply mix and will for decades thanks to Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program, which will allow the site to operate to 2064.

Ontario residents now enjoy cleaner air and healthier lives from carbon-free nuclear power.

As a major clean energy provider for the province of Ontario, we have a systematic approach to identify, prevent, reduce, and enhance our environmental impact, and this is critical to the longevity of our business. To read about our Environmental Management
System Scope, please click here.?

And for our Environmental Policy, please click here.?


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